Quality and Value

 When you buy used or remanufactured office furniture from NFL Officeworks, we ensure the same quality standards from the major manufacturers at a greatly reduced cost. In fact, many years ago we started as a used furniture dealer and grew into the full service company we are today.  

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Remanufactured Furniture

With our selection of remanufactured office furniture - from panels to freestanding layouts, benching and modular walls - we have something to meet your needs no matter the office environment.

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Used office Furniture

From used desks to conference tables, office chairs and storage, you can count on NFL Officeworks to have a selection of used furniture that will fit in your budget and still look great.

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Your Budget is Important

For those more budget or environmentally minded, our remanufactured systems offer a great discount. Remanufactured stations typically provide up to 40% off the cost of new and they are held to the same standards of quality and durability. 

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