Top 10 Task Chairs For Your Office

We spend a lot of time with our customers talking about their office and the chairs provided for employees. A lot of time. So why keep our expertise to ourselves? Without further ado, we present the top 10 task chairs for your office. Enjoy! 

9to5 Vault Chair — NFL Officeworks

9to5 Vault Chair

The 9to5 Vault Chair is a reasonably priced chair and great for offices that are just getting started. From a recent review on this chair:

"This is a great chair. The materials used are of great quality. It doesn't look cheap (a lot of chairs with similar functions look cheap). Very sturdy and the head-rest is comfortable."

So if you are budget conscious but need a quality chair for your growing staff, the 9to5 Vault Chair might be the way to go.

(Also ask about the 9to5 Vesta chair at a slightly higher quality and price point.)

Rika Chair by Buzz Seating

This is the number 1 selling chair from Buzz Seating. Our customers tell us it is ergonomic, styled well, and comfortable. The mesh back is available with a leather, fabric, or mesh seat to match your office decor. Many say that the Rika chair offers a balance between ergonomics and price. This chair has lots of adjustments, can hold 300 lbs and comes with a limited lifetime warranty offered directly by Buzz Seating. 

Buzz Rika chair — NFL Officeworks

Cherryman Eon chair — NFL Officeworks

Cherryman Eon

The Cherryman Eon chair fits squarely in the budget category. It is a traditional mesh task chair and Cherryman is providing great value and ergonomics at this price point. From the adjustable arms to the lumbar support and the limited lifetime warranty (important for the pneumatic cylinder), it's hard to beat this chair at a budget price. From a recent review on this chair:

"The recipient of the chair loved it so much I purchased a second Eon for another colleague.  I love the black and chrome comb, very sleek. I may have opened Pandora's box with the first purchase :( "


Compel Maxim task chair — NFL Officeworks

Compel Maxim LT Task Chair

This chair takes us just slightly out of the budget category but many of our customers feel it is worth it. The Compel Maxim LT task chair comes in pleated vinyl back or a mesh back. It also features a synchro-tilt mechanism and 2 arm and base options. This is a versatile chair with clean lines and plenty of options for the arms, casters, and upholstery.

Corp Design Livello high back task chair — NFL Officeworks

Corp Design Livello High Back Chair

There are some great upholstery options on this chair. It is available in white, grey, sand, and black. This probably explains why the NFL Officeworks team and our customers seem to liek this chair so much. It features leather upholstery, chrome arms, a steel frame, a 300 lbs capacity, and a 10 year limited warranty.

Other Corp Design staff favorites include the Concetto, Moderno Compito, Vedere, and Zetti.

HON ignition 2.0 task chair — NFL Officeworks

Hon Ignition 2.0

This is one of our highest rated task chairs. Customers just love it. But don't take our word for it. Here is a recent customer review:

"These Hon Ignition chairs are comfortable and affordable. Our company is very happy with this model."

These chairs were designed by Wolfgang Deisig and are intended for all office activities. With three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes and four arm styles, it's no wonder HON calls this chair the "sit that fits"!

Several other popular HON chairs include the Crio, Nucleus, Quotient, and Solve.

iDesk Oroblanco task chair — NFL Officeworks

i-desk Seating Oroblanco

The Oroblanco from iDesk also fits comfortably in the budget segment for task chairs. It has natural lumbar support and 6-way adjustable arms. The frame comes in black or white, making it versatile for most office decors.

The iDesk Oroblanco chair has a modern look and will bring a level of sophistication to your office setting for sure. The base is polished and the seat has a nice waterfall edge.

Another popular iDesk product amongst our customers is the iDesk Ambarella.

NDI Cool Mesh Series — NFL Officeworks

NDI Cool Mesh Series

The entire cool mesh series is great for warmer climates. The back is full mesh and will definitely keep you cool! These chairs are economical and high quality. Best of all, they are available in black mesh with orange, green, red, blue, burgundy, basil, or black fabric seats. From a recent customer:

"This is the perfect chair, even after long periods at your desk. Great quality chair. ”

Eurotech Monterey task chair — NFL Officeworks

Eurotech Monterey task chair

We have seem this chair evolve into a rather sophisticated design. The Monterey is extremely comfortable and will look beautiful in your office. The titanium frame and base make it built to last and designed to enhance any office space. From a recent customer:

"I had never spent more than $100 on an office chair, but I’m a designer so I needed a good chair. And this one turned out to be worth every penny."

Hon Nucleus task chair — NFL Officeworks

Hon Nucleus

As HON says, this is not your grandfather's chair. What we love about the Nucleus seating line from HON is that it is comfortable but also able to look lean and unique. The best part of this chair is the responsive synchro-tilt mechanism that keeps the seat level and the chair stable as the back reclines. From a recent customer:

"Sturdy and comfortable, a massive step up from other office chairs without going into the ultra high end range."

So that does it! Those are the top 10 task chairs based on feedback from our customers. Get in touch with us and let us know if you need more information about a few of these chairs.